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Shabbos Hagadol Luncheon  

Mechiras Chometz 

Maos Chittim

Pesach Needs
If you are planning to be in Queens for Yom Tov; please let us know by clicking here.

We urge you to sign up ASAP so we can plan ahead for Minyanim

Please contact the Rav or Board WhatsApp if you have any Pesach needs.

Mazal tov to Ratzel & Ariel Adler on the birth of a baby girl!

Mazal tov to Tammy & Ezra Nissanian on the birth of a baby boy!

Thank you to Rivki & Eli Taub for their contribution to the Kiddush Fund,

l'ilui nishmas Eli's father, Yeshayahu Yonnoson Binyamin ben Asher Anzil, whose Yhartzeit is this Shabbos, כ"ז אדר

Click here for the Adler meal train

Click here for the Grunfeld meal train.

Click here for the Held meal train.

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Shabbos Orchim Initiative

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