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Welcome to Kehilas Torah Temima!


Kehilas Torah Temima (KTT) is a serious yet Leibedik Davening experience with talking limited to conversations with Hashem. The common thread connecting our members is their dedication toward personal growth in Ruchniyus and Midos. B"H we have been successful since opening and have reached a milestone of over 145 members!


Yom Kippur Zmanim

Monday, Oct 7 10:16p
Yom Kippur Zmanim-5780

Tuesday, October 8th- Erev Yom HaKippurim

Mincha (1) 1:15pm
Mincha (2) 3:00pm
there will be an opportunity to perform Kapparo

Last Call: Yom Kippur Seating & Baby sitting

Sunday, Oct 6 8:10p
Dear Member,

Yomim Noraim Seating
B"H we are on pace to have the largest crowd yet this, with this in mind we will be closing the ability to sign up

Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Wednesday, Oct 2 1:23p
​​​​​​​Maseches Berachos Chabura & Chinese
Topic: Berachos 23- Wearing a Hat for Davening
​​​Please Bring Your Gemara!


Sat, October 19 2019 20 Tishrei 5780