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Welcome to Kehilas Torah Temima!


Kehilas Torah Temima (KTT) is a serious yet Leibedik Davening experience with talking limited to conversations with Hashem. The common thread connecting our members is their dedication toward personal growth in Ruchniyus and Midos. B"H we have been successful since opening and have reached a milestone of over 145 members!


Davening this Shabbos

Friday, Aug 23 2:48p
PSA: The AC has been fixed, and we will be davening in our regular location this shabbos.
Kehilas Torah Temima
P.O. BOX 670609
Flushing, NY 1

Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Wednesday, Aug 21 11:24a
​​​​​​​Maseches Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Tonight we will be starting the 3rd perek! 
Topic: Berachos 17- Aninus
​​​Please Bri

Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Wednesday, Aug 14 4:32p
​​​​​​​Maseches Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Topic: Berachos 16- Thinking out loud
​​​Please Bring Your Gemara!


Sat, August 24 2019 23 Av 5779