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Welcome to Kehilas Torah Temima!


Kehilas Torah Temima (KTT) is a serious yet Leibedik Davening experience with talking limited to conversations with Hashem. The common thread connecting our members is their dedication toward personal growth in Ruchniyus and Midos. B"H we have been successful since opening and have reached a milestone of over 145 members!


Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Wednesday, Nov 20 3:01p
​​​​​​​Maseches Berachos Chabura & Chinese

Sponsored by 
Eliot & Michali Bazian
in honor of 
Shlomo ben Nissan Zerach, Michali's gra

Shabbos Mevarchim Cheshvan Kiddush

Wednesday, Nov 20 3:01p
Shabbos Mevarchim Kislev Kiddush

This Shabbos we will be having our next Shabbos Mevarchim Kiddush for the month of Kislev. BH we had a great resp

Nishei Q&A Tomorrow Night

Monday, Nov 18 2:39p
Nishei KTT Q&A 

The Nishei Q&A with Rabbi Segelman will take place tomorrow night at 8:30pm at the Segelman home, 141-23 72nd Drive. 
Please su


Thu, November 21 2019 23 Cheshvan 5780