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Welcome to Kehilas Torah Temima!


Kehilas Torah Temima (KTT) is a serious yet Leibedik Davening experience with talking limited to conversations with Hashem. The common thread connecting our members is their dedication toward personal growth in Ruchniyus and Midos. B"H we have been successful since opening and have reached a milestone of over 145 members!

            KTT 2020 Board Elections

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Last Call for Yomim Noraim Registration!!!

Tuesday, Sep 15 2:39p
The deadline for Yomim Noraim Registration is tonight Tuesday September 15th! 
Grab a seat before it is too late!
Yomim Nor

Yomim Noraim 5781 Regisration

Tuesday, Sep 8 2:58p
Registration for Yomim Noraim is now open to the public.
The deadline for signing up for Yomim Noraim seats is this Sunday September 13th at midnight!

Yomim Noraim 5781 Survey

Tuesday, Jul 28 6:03p
The Board is currently working on organizing Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur davening for 5781. We are trying our hardest to make this upcoming year's Yo


Sat, January 23 2021 10 Shevat 5781